My curriculum vitae

My name is Georges Trottier and I was born on November 8th, 1936, in Quebec City, Qc, Canada. I have attended classical course at the Séminaire de Québec and at the Collège Universitaire Laval. I attended Laval University where I completed a B.A.Sc in Engineering Physics in 1961 and a Master of Sciences in Mathematics in 1968.

Academic Background

  • BASc (Engineering Physics), Laval University (1961)
  • MSc (Mathematics), Laval University (1968)


Retirement (2001 - today)

Since I moved from Trois-Pistoles to Charny in 2001 and then from Charny to Quebec City, I have retired completely though I am still very interested in computer sciences and programming. Very recently, I decided to publish my experience and other studies on this Web Site.

GTRO Informatique - Trois-Pistoles, Qc (1994-2001)

Freelance programmer with Delphi (Versions 5, 6 and 2009), Clipper 5.2, Visual Basic 4.5 and Visual C++.

  • Développement of the software "L'Assistant Personnel 3.2" a versatile personnel information manager based on a relational database built with Paradox tables.
  • Development of Delphi components
  • Contracts with local firms for the development of programs accessing local database using Clipper 5.2.
  • Web research concerning various products
  • Teaching programming with Delphi.

Canadian Embassy, Washington, DC, USA

Attaché, Defense Research and Development (1991-1994)

As Attaché, Defense Research & Development,  in the Canadian Defense Liaison Staff in Washington, liaise the Canadian Department of National and its Defense Research and Development Canada with the R&D Agencies of the Department of Defense of the United States (Army, Navy, Air Force and ARPA) to promote joint R&D programs in the fields of computer sciences, electro-optics, command and control, radar, communications and electronic warfare. Canadian Secretary of "The Technical Cooperation Program" (TTCP).

Defence Research Establishment, Valcartier

Head, Weapon Systems Section (1987-1991)

  • Determination of aerodynamic coefficients of models in two wind tunnels (Open Jet Facility, Trisonic Wind Tunnel) and in one aeroballistic range;
  • Certification of weapon stations for the CF-18 (in association with AETE, Cold Lake, Alberta);
  • Development of data reduction software for the above;
  • Design and development of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) supersonic and subsonic software for interior, intermediate and exterior ballistics of gun-propelled projectiles;
  • Development of blast and fire propagation modelling software for the protection of the Canadian Navy battleships (about 1,000,000 lines of FORTRAN code) based on theoretical, experimental and empirical models;
  • Development of tank and armored vehicle vulnerability modelling software.
  • Canadian National Leader of the TTCP* "Guidance and Control" Panel.

Leader, Guidance & Control Group (1976-1987)

  • Design and development of components for infrared guided missiles;
  • Designer of a world class infrared countermeasures simulator called SEMAC which, after 25 years, is still used by the Canadian Forces;
  • Design and development of a training simulator for the TOW missile;
  • Development of fuze circuitry for the Sea Sparrow missile;
  • Development of software for the simulation of terminal encounters between guided missiles and various targets;
  • Member of the Canadian Team for the selection of the Canadian Forces Low Level Air Defense system.

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